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Coastal Public Adjusters Best PA
Coastal Public Adjusters Paid in Full


You May Hire A Public Adjuster

At Any Time During The Claim Process


  • If hired immediately after a loss, the Public Adjuster will protect your interests and assist you in getting paid fairly from the start of the claim.

  • If hired later in the process, a Public Adjuster can reopen your insurance claim and pursue a settlement that will be satisfactory to cover all damages sustained.

  • Licensed Public Adjusters do not get paid until YOU GET PAID.

  • Only Licensed Public Adjusters or Attorneys can legally represent YOU, the property owner.


If your property has suffered a loss, you are entitled to a full and fair recovery.


You are entitled to get the settlement you need to rebuild or replace your damaged property.


You are entitled to hire a professional to represent you in the resolution of your claim.

You cannot be penalized IN ANY WAY for the hiring of a Public Adjuster.


Insurance companies have professionals protecting their interest. YOU SHOULD TOO!


We KNOW building design, building and code requirements, damage estimate scopes, and repair costs. Lori Wolin, the owner of Coastal Public Adjusters, LLC is not only a Florida Licensed Public Adjuster, but also a Florida State Licensed Building Contractor, Roofing Contractor, Community Association Manager, Real Estate Sales Associate (Realtor®), and business Ph.D. 

Lori Wolin is the ONLY person in Florida with this unique group of qualifications. Lori and her team have settled THOUSANDS of insurance claims and have an outstanding relationship with both insureds and insurance companies. Lori is also a well-respected Expert Witness for legal matters involving real estate, insurance claims, and construction disputes.  


Florida Public Adjuster Lic. #P134965 

FL Building Contractor Lic. #CBC1254311 
FL Roofing Contractor Lic. #CCC1328192 

FL Community Assoc. Mgr. Lic. #CAM31304
FL Real Estate Sales Assoc. Lic. #SL3085468 
MBA and Business Ph.D. 

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